August 18, 2017
2 months since
our Reunion.
What's New (August 28, 2017)
Books by our own Patrice Gaines! Visit the Blog page for information. Thank you for sharing this Patrice!

A BIG BIG Thank You!
Thank you to the reunion committee chair, Lynne Boileau, the other commitee members, Ron, Linda, Garry, Kathy, Susan, Tessa and everyone who jumped in and helped - Carole, Kathy's sister Sue, Lynne's family and everyone else who made this one of our best High School experiences ever!! And a special thank you to our classmates who donated funds to make our reunion a huge success! We couldn't have pulled this off without each and everyone of you!!


Pictures Coming Soon!

Now that our reunion has taken place it's time to relive the fun and memories with pictures!! Check back soon - our Photos are being posted on the Photo Albums page! Please contribute any pictures you have - keep the memories coming!  

  • We are requesting donations to ensure the success of our reunion.  The cost of creating a memory book, hosting the website, searching for classmates, and so much more to make a successful reunion is not all covered just by the price of the tickets.
The committee has worked diligently to keep the costs down so those of you who are interested in attending can afford at least one of the events. If you are not planning on coming to the reunion, would like to but can't, or are attending but would like to contribute, please see the donations section of our website

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